Manufacturing Tester

Tester device consists of both mechanical and electronical solutions needed to perform functional and in-circuit-testing of finished PCBAs. Solution is customized for specific product regarding its testing needs and customer's wishes.This allows for increased simplicity for fast and economical tests (e.g. for low-complexity devices) or more thorough testing to reduce troubleshooting time and improving yield (e.g. for complex devices where single scrapped PCBA is remarkable financial loss). Platform is developed with universality in mind - new version of the product can often be accomodated with only the revision of needle board. Where non-simultaneous manufacturing is used, multiple products can be supported by sharing significant portion of testers. This requires only replacing a few parts (within minutes) and loading an alternative test script.

Key features:

  • Modular design, allowing reuse of most parts between devices and device versions
  • Fault detection with detailed messages to simplify repairs
  • Reduce RMA events
  • Software flashing to units under test
  • Tests and test limits modifiable in PC tool on-the-fly
  • Automated label printing, reducing possibility of human error
  • Maximum plug-and-play experience