System Design

System Design

Any new R&D project will start with a high level system design. Regius can sculpt even the most non-technical product idea into a specification and effectively plan the whole engineering cycle. Most of the risks – technical, budgetary or risks on schedule – are forecast and minimized.

  • Creating specifications out of non-technical product ideas
  • Planning the whole engineering cycle
  • Forecast and minimization of risks
  • Strong in-house project management

Software Design

Software Design

  • Embedded software
    • Bare-metal firmware
    • Real-time operating systems
    • Embedded Linux solutions (BSP+applications)
  • PC software
    • Embedded system support software:
      • Data processing
      • Firmware updates
      • User interfaces
      • Devices (apps)
  • Web applications
    • User interfaces for desktop browsers and mobile devices(APP’s)

Embedded Software

An embedded system cannot function without software. Regius offers software development services for a wide range of microcontrollers and microprocessors from small-scale 8-bit devices up to high-performance 32-bit MCUs. We are capable of developing applications natively or by using an underlying operating system such as Linux or various other embedded OSes. We can develop complete Linux-based solutions for embedded systems including a bootloader, kernel customization, drivers and user-mode applications.

PC Software

Embedded systems often require external connectivity to a PC over USB, Ethernet or other such interface in order to exchange and process data, update firmware or extend device capabilites by other means. We have experience in developing complete PC-side support software suites for various operating systems including drivers, libraries and graphical user interfaces.

Electronics Design

Electronics Design

Electronics is the basis of every embedded device. Regius has designed various electronic equipment using analog, digital and mixed signal techniques. We are able to cover the whole design spectrum ranging from analog front end, high speed digital, RF and power supplies. Constant learning and active R&D work over the years will ensure the optimum product design on schematic and PCB layout levels. Regius designs hardware that conforms to various requirements and standards (EMC, CE, etc), we can also carry out all necessary compliance tests.

  • Focus on embedded solutions:
    • High speed digital (DDR-DDR3, USB-USB3, Gigabit Ethernet, fast LVDS, etc.)
    • RF (ISM band communications with front end, PCB antenna design)
    • Analog front-end
    • Motor drives
    • Power supplies
  • Schematics capture + PCB layout
    • Mentor Graphics PADS
    • Cadence Orcad
  • Full manufacturing documentation
  • Design for manufacturability (DFM)
  • Design for test (DFT)
  • Production support

Industrial Design & Mechanics

Through industrial design a product’s look and feel for the customer is defined. We are able to deliver the whole design package to the customer including industrial design and mechanics. While the design for simpler devices can be done in-house, we also have experience outsourcing more complex device design to dedicated industrial design companies so that even the most difficult design requirements and specifications could be met and realized.



Re-design of existing products

Regius offers (re)design services in cases the product:

  • Consists of component(s) that have gone EOL or are hard to get;
  • Production cost exceeds expetations or the assembly is too complex;
  • The design files or source code is not preserved but changes are needed.

FPGA / PLD Design

FPGA / PLD Design

Programmable logic devices (CPLDs, FPGAs) add flexibility to embedded systems. They allow implementation of new features to an existing system while requiring minimal hardware changes. Our VHDL and Verilog experience ranges from simple state machines to more complex SRAM, DRAM, USB, SD card and PCI bus controllers. We have also used FPGAs on system support boards for testing and manufacturing purposes.

  • FPGA development
    • Memory controllers (SDRAM, DDR/DDR2/DDR3)
    • Communications (USB2/USB3, PCI bus, GB Ethernet, etc)
    • Fast data capturing and processing (MIPI, Fast ADC/DAC interfacing)
    • Signal analysis
    • etc.
  • VHDL and Verilog
    • High level & RTL coding

Software Testing


Testing is the most crucial phase in a system’s development cycle to guarantee a product which functions correctly and meets the customer’s specifications. It is important to start testing the system in the earliest possible stage of development in order to root out issues that might be become very costly if discovered late and to ensure a timely delivery of a finished product. We have experience with both using existing test frameworks as well as developing dedicated testing tools for specific embedded systems.

  • Unit testing during development
  • Test specifications and test cases
  • Deployment of existing test frameworks
  • Dedicated test tools development for embedded systems
  • Functional testing


Compliance Testing (HW)

Compliance Testing (HW)

  • EMC testing against various standards - Download Specification
    • Test specification and set-up
    • Early prototype pre-compliance
    • Emissions and immunity testing for
      • CE marking
      • Other for international markets
    • External laboratories only
  • Safety testing
  • Environmental testing - Download Specification
  • Stress testing


Test Systems / Testers

Manufacturing Tester

During manufacturing each device produced needs to be tested and verified to be operational. Regius is capable of designing manufacturing test procedures as well as dedicated test software and hardware for the customer’s device.

NPI / Small Volume Production

NPI / Small Volume Production
By providing also manufacturing service, Regius’s objective is to reduce project total cost and speed up time-to-market.


  • Material management
  • Prototype production
  • Small volume production (SMD, THT and FA)
  • Box builds
  • Testing
  • Logistics
  • After sales service