Software Design

  • Embedded software
    • Bare-metal firmware
    • Real-time operating systems
    • Embedded Linux solutions (BSP+applications)
  • PC software
    • Embedded system support software:
      • Data processing
      • Firmware updates
      • User interfaces
      • Devices (apps)
  • Web applications
    • User interfaces for desktop browsers and mobile devices(APP’s)

Embedded Software

An embedded system cannot function without software. Regius offers software development services for a wide range of microcontrollers and microprocessors from small-scale 8-bit devices up to high-performance 32-bit MCUs. We are capable of developing applications natively or by using an underlying operating system such as Linux or various other embedded OSes. We can develop complete Linux-based solutions for embedded systems including a bootloader, kernel customization, drivers and user-mode applications.

PC Software

Embedded systems often require external connectivity to a PC over USB, Ethernet or other such interface in order to exchange and process data, update firmware or extend device capabilites by other means. We have experience in developing complete PC-side support software suites for various operating systems including drivers, libraries and graphical user interfaces.